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Who are we

I came to Yellowstone over ten years ago to be a tour guide in the park.  After 10 years of working in Yellowstone, I decided it was time for a change.  That change brought about Sagebrushers & Savages.  Pulling from my farm life upbringing in the midwest, I strive to use fresh and locally sourced ingredients as much as possible.  From main meals down to our sauces, we focus on fresh made.  By purchasing many of our core ingredients locally, you are not only supporting a local Gardiner business, but you are also supporting many Montana and Wyoming small businesses.  See our list of suppliers below.  Hazel and I have now lived year-round in Gardiner for over 10 years.  Hazel is our head taste-tester.  She makes sure the bacon is always up to par.  She always appreciates a good scratch on the head.

Our Name

In the early days of the national parks visitors traveled by different means.  Their method of travel and how they experienced the parks gave them different nicknames.  The first of the early visitors came by train and enjoyed the luxury of guided tours through the park.  Some by stagecoach and then eventually by tour cars and now by bus, these visitors were referred to as “Dudes”.   Most of the “dudes” took advantage of the motel accommodations throughout the parks.  Later, the automobile became a popular means of travel for the less wealthy.  These folks tended to take their time on their excursions to the parks by camping along the way.  Out west, a lot of that camping would be done amongst the sage fields.  Once at the park, many would continue camping their way through. These folks commonly became known as “sagebrushers”. 

Employees of the early concessionaires were not left out of the naming game.  They were and still are referred to as “savages”.  The term savage is the general term for all employees who worked in all the national parks.  Many positions were given their own specific nicknames.  Waitresses are “Heavers”, chambermaids are “Pillow Punchers”, chauffeurs are “Gearjammers”, laundry girls are “Bubble Queens” and porters and bellboys are “Pack Rats”

So, whether you are a “dude”, a “sagebrusher” or a current or former “savage”, welcome to the 152nd year for Yellowstone National Park.  I am a proud “savage” and started my park career as a “gearjammer”.


Our Suppliers

Our main delivery company is Quality Foods out of Bozeman, Montana.  They are a small family owned distributor with a focus on smaller regional companies.  US Foods and Shamrock also provide ingredients for us.  .

Bison - Montrail Bison, St. Ignatius MT                                      Teas - Steep Mountain Tea, Bozeman MT &

Potatoes - Bausch Farms, Whitehall MT                                      Tumblewood Tea, Big Timber MT                    

Bacon & Ham - Pioneer Meats, Big Timber MT                           Coffee - Ghost Town Coffee, Bozeman MT

Sausage - Olive Branch Pork, Bridger MT                                  Gluten-Free Baking Mix - Montana Gluten-Free, Belgrade MT

Bread - Grains of Montana, Billings MT                                     Kamut Flour - Montana Flour & Grain, Fort Benton MT

                                  Canned Water - Montana Silver Springs, Philipsburg, MT

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